UX Development

An outstanding user experience gives each product success, advantage and sustainability.
The results differ significantly. The products with optimized user experience become measurably more successful as the application has been perfected for future users.

With their future users in focus I bring the magical experience into your product development. Please read the whitepaper “Reduction of support costs”.

UX – focus on the user

I consistently focus on the process of product development:

  • the needs of future users

  • the technical conditions

  • the goals of the product

User centered – let’s ask

The assumptions / concepts – that is, what we consider to be the requirements of the users – I share in the measurable units and check them in tests with users already in the early stages of product development.

Thus, a step-by-step optimization and adaptation of the application to the actual requirements of the users is developed. For this I build slim (Lean) prototypes in the first phase of the product development and test with a selection of future users.

The results from the tests flow into the next iteration stage. So you get a realistic product with the best chance of success.

In 5 steps to an exciting user experience

For software, apps and websites, this means: Through an iterative approach that puts the user at the center of product development, through timely user testing and interface customization, we increase the success and market opportunity of the application.

Methods for UI / UX development

  • User Research, all methods

  • Lean UX, Lean Startup, Design Thinking

  • Low- and Highfidelity Prototype, Mockup

  • User Experience and Usability

  • Information architecture, interaction concept

  • Interface Design, UI, GUI, HMI

You suspect that an optimal user experience secures and enhances your business success. But they are unsure how to approach this process in a meaningful way.

Let’s talk on the phone about your ideas and ideas. Based on your initial information, you will receive my first assessment in a non-binding, 20-minute telephone conversation.

In this short conversation we talk about your potentials and goals in the field of user experience. And about what to do. These impulses are a good basis for their further decisions.