Plan the customer journey with all touchpoints

A website works optimally when you plan the entire customer journey of the target groups.

An example: You offer cyber security advice. Your ideal customer works as a decision-maker in management and is interested in cyber security in order to secure his company. He gets information by surfing the Internet and the things he finds should draw his attention to relevant content that will lead him to your company. This can be a video on YouTube, an article on LinkedIn, etc.

He clicks on the link below the video because he wants to learn more because he likes the video. The link takes you to the prepared landing page with further content on the topic or to the homepage with your knowledge pool and from there to the category page or landing page. This is how you position your company across multiple finds and touchpoints. Of course, elements of interaction must be offered to make it easy for the desired customer to get in touch.

Benefit from my experience from many industries and company sizes. I design in a user-centered, data-based, particularly efficient and fast way. I differ significantly in the approach to conception.

By using a consistently validated mockup in the conception phase, the customer journey can be planned reliably. More about product development with validated prototype >

To the UX portfolio >

Customer Journey – Focus on the user

I consistently align the website conception process:

  • both on the preferences of future users

  • as well as search engine optimization

  • and beyond psychology

Omnichannel CX all Touchpoints

Use synergies and plan to network all the information that your company publishes.

A YouTube account also boosts search engine optimization. Video content is indispensable because videos are more popular than texts and you can convey much better and much more information in a very short time. In addition, you can use these videos anywhere on the internet, on platforms and on your own website.

In the knowledge pool that you build up on your company’s website, you can show how professional your company is. Conceptually, there are targets for all important search terms. A mix of different media is essential because it appeals to people with different preferences. To do this, I suggest a selection of elements for contacting you.

During the wireframing/prototyping process > I then determine the interactions so that your ideal customer actively contacts your company.

 Customer Journey | User Experience

For the conception of websites / brand management this means: Through a strategic, logical approach that focuses on the user, we increase the visibility and success of your investment in the website.

Methods for UX development.

  • User Research, all methods

  • Lean UX, Lean Startup, Design Thinking

  • Low- and Highfidelity Prototype, Mockup

  • User Experience and Usability

  • Information architecture, interaction concept

  • Interface Design, UI, GUI, HMI

User experience on the road to success

You suspect that an optimal user experience secures and increases your business success. But they are unsure how to approach this process sensibly.

Let’s talk about your ideas and ideas. Based on your initial information, you will receive my initial assessment in a non-binding, 20-minute telephone conversation.

In this short conversation we talk about your potential and goals in the area of user experience. These impulses are a good basis for your further decisions.