Individual UX Workshop

You will find individual workshops beyond the mentioned topics. Please ask your special topic.

Most in demand are workshops or coachings on these topics:

Lean UX

Product Development

Team Development


Content Strategy

Tailor-made Workshop

I love workshops and Trainings by using creative methods. My workshops are booked to clarify the requirements of a project.

If it is unclear how to structure a digital project, how to achieve goals, or how to identify the needs of future users, then a workshop is the best approach.

With creative methods, we can efficiently and happily achieve better results in product development. I have experience in many projects and various industries.

Let’s just discuss the task and I’ll create an individual offer for exactly your requirement.

Content Strategy

Lean UX Workshop

The goal is not only to ensure the ease of use of your own product, but also to investigate and optimize the impact on the user.

The focus on small work packages plays an important role. Because the smaller are the effects of a failure.

The procedure helps to minimize the time required to pursue false hypotheses.

This culture of experimentation is sometimes not easy to implement, but gives the certainty of building on experimentally validated knowledge.

Content Strategy