UX Analysis Workshop – 1 day

The start to develop better software products. Recognize new connections and potentials. During this day, we work out the first ideas of the promising user experience strategy.


The workshop will start with a presentation on User Experience Design and Usability.

Through examples, I explain clearly the use of selected methods.

You will receive impulses, inspirations and an insight into solution models.


You let me understand your processes and the benefits of your product.

I will provide you with a technical introduction to the product and its environment.

his can be a prepared test system or the existing development material. This introduction introduces usability analysis.


Using UX methods, I analyze your application for possible usability problems in a dialogue.

Thus, I identify usability problems that we can discuss.

In addition, you will receive informative indications on potentials.


From this professional workshop, you will gain a sound expert assessment that is understandable and helps you.

Now you know exactly where your product has potential.

The perfect starting point. You can derive concrete steps from the recommended actions.

The workflow

You will receive a precise introduction to user experience design and usability and the benefits for your project.

No general standard lecture – but individually tailored to your project.

Then give me an overview of your starting situation and your goals.

It can also be a tour of your production with explanations of where you see problems and where your expectations are. An overview of your previous activities.

This is how I get to know you, your product and the context of use of your product.

Then we analyze your existing information together – it will be very exciting and intense.

You get many, completely new insights.

I will give you a profound assessment, an outlook and recommendations for action. You then have a solid base to evaluate the potential of your product with a good user experience.