The Design Sprint Workshop is a five-day process. We answer critical business questions by designing, prototyping and testing ideas with customers.

The process was developed by Google. And it is a beacon of business strategy, innovation, behavioral science, design thinking, and more – in a battle-tested process that every team can use.

In addition, I constantly identify new, innovative topics. Please ask for your individual topic.

Design Sprint Workshop – 5 days

I recommend this ingenious Design Sprint Workshop to sharpen an already started project on user centricity. I coach your team, the solutions come from your team as if by itself.

  1. On Monday, work out the problem, analyze competitors (if any), and each team member chooses an important aspect to focus on.
  2. On Tuesday, each team member works on a solution from his perspective. Of course, with my support.
  3. On Wednesday everyone introduces his solution to the team. Discussion. Now the team makes decisions and turns ideas into a verifiable hypothesis.
  4. On Thursday, a reasonable prototype will be created.
  5. On Friday we test the hypothesis (s) as realistically as possible with real people.

We take advantage of the opportunities of digital transformation and all participants receive inspiration and concrete instructions.

Efficient! That’s fun!

If your team works together in a sprint, you will save all endless debates and come together in one week to a result that everyone supports.

Instead of waiting for the introduction of a minimal product to understand if an idea is good, you get clear data from a realistic prototype.

The Design Sprint is the turbo for clarity and data driven decisions instead of gut instincts: you can quickly look to the future and see the reactions of your end product and your customers before you invest money incorrectly.